A 1920s-inspired afternoon tea found at Singapore’s Atlas Lobby and Bar

Debonair. Refined. Delightful.

These are key words to keep in mind as you are transported back in time at the Singaporean lounge, bar and tea room ATLAS.

The classically designed venue, originally crafted and scoped out by Jim Adams with inspirations by the late C.S. Hwang was re-engineered by HASSELL Architects to transport guests back in time to ancient Egyptian and Victorian eras. During the carefully crafted updates, ATLAS and the HASSELL firm kept a close eye on service, aerial space in the lobby as well as accessibility for guests to maximize and enjoy each piece of the redesigned floor plan.

The concepts behind the interior décor at ATLAS is aimed at providing a classic 1920s European café and bar scene, which contains decorations such as Cleopatra and King Tut, as well as various animalistic designs with cameos of deer, jaguars, greyhounds and multiple period-depicted regal creatures.

To match the natural and lush designs, Adams looked to keep the color palettes neutral and earthy with hunter greens, deep reds and hints of gold to align with the royal atmosphere.

The designers have also thoroughly thought out detailing down to employee uniforms. For the waitstaff, they wear double-breasted, white blazers for men and dark navy-blue dresses for women. The aim for the wardrobe choice was to bring an essence of olden class and sensible dress. For the bar staff, they must wear signature, formal jackets that can be seen throughout European history, as well as accents pieces such as brooches, pins and ATLAS-branded embroidery.

As the venue elevates in stature and luxe, ATLAS has also created an Afternoon Tea for patrons to be transported back to early-Nineteenth Century Europe. The afternoon delight can be enjoyed Mondays through Saturdays from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., and guest groups, large and small, can sip on an international selection of teas, as well as enjoy a variety of delectable items. If the group wanted to enjoy an afternoon relaxation time, ATLAS also boasts in having Head Sommelier Mason Ng on staff to recommend the best of three champagnes to compliment the tea time.

Items that you can select from during your afternoon treat include savory dishes such as mushroom ragout, ham and cheese croque monsieur, Italian prosciutto cotto and other filling selections. On the sweeter side of the small plates, guests can choose from madeleines, canelés, ATLAS-crafted scones, hazelnut cremeaux, a light yet flavorful cotton cheesecake with candied lemon, as well as additional tasty sweets for the not-so-sweet tooth. Also, during a warmer day on the town, visitors can stop in to cool down with the “petit four,” which are earl grey lollipops (earl-grey crafted ice cream engulfed by chocolate) and a coconut Oreo popsicle.

ATLAS is now taking reservations within 48 hours of a visit and it is worth the call. You can also stop in to check out the location at Parkview Square, 600 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188778.

To learn more about ATLAS, please visit their website at www.atlasbar.sg.

Source: Dolce Magazine