A true Odyssey for the active person made by Showers Pass

To begin, I want to say that this is the best jacket of the year. No question. Portland-based Showers Pass has seriously stepped up the active wear in apparel solely on their breathable, lightweight and reflective Odyssey Jacket. Having braved my first winter in New York City, I had the opportunity to try out this comforting and fashionable jacket, and have received such positive feedback, not only personally, but from those who are onlooking.

Shaun Melady in Showers Pass Odyssey Jacket

3M Scotchlite intricate MapReflect fabric creates an outline of 11 cities worldwide, including: Portland, New York, Washington D.C., Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Newcastle, Berlin, Sydney and Taipei. The brand states that no two jackets are identical and each pattern is cut during production, creating an exclusivity to each customer. Also, a staple for this beautifully designed piece is that the fabric is reflective in nature providing maximum visibility in lights from street posts, headlights, camera flashes and others, allowing the wearer to be seen from every direction – a pertinent feature for cyclists.

From a fashionable and wearable standpoint, I have experienced the protective and comfortability of this jacket. Even though snow may be “magical” in appearance, there comes repercussions also known as wetness and frigid flakes smacking you in the face. That’s when the Odyssey Jacket comes into play with the waterproof, windproof and breathable features. It is made from a three-layer softshell fabric with fleece lining. These qualities are just the perfect touch to keep you comfortable and stylish as your perusing the streets, trails or whatever environment you may be encountering.

The Men’s Odyssey Jacket comes in various sizes including medium, large, XL and XXL – priced at $189.00. Showers Pass also makes a Women’s Odyssey Jacket in sizes small, medium, large, XL and XXL also priced at $189.00.

Visit Showers Pass online shop and check out the various cycling and active wear that they offer. You won’t be disappointed.

Source: USA TODAY Action Sports