Bringing Italian style to the East Coast with the Ferrari Portofino

What happens when you take an Italian stallion and give it freedom? It gallops and it gallops quickly. This stallion that we are referring to is the hyper-luxury sports car – the Ferrari Portofino.


Starting with the performance aspect, Ferrari has dubbed the Portofino with a V8 engine and can reach up to a speed of 125 mph in 10.8 seconds with the massive strength of the 592 hp backing it. The dynamic supercar also features the brand’s third generation of their electronic differential system, also known as the E-Diff3. The Portofino also holds the newest version of Ferrari’s electronic suspension system.

When you are driving the Portofino, you feel like and know that you are in a Ferrari. From the sound of the engine to the roar of the dynamics that the car features, you are well aware that you are in one of the most luxurious brands of the automotive world.

Having mentioned performance, while driving the V8 GT, you will notice that power that is at your fingertips.


The Portofino is equipped to make driving extremely seamless, as all of the main controls on based on the steering wheel. They have created this ease of design so drivers will be able to remain safe while experiencing top performance qualities.

If you are not wanting to open it up and use the Ferrari as a racecar, you can also relax and enjoy the luxury components of the vehicle. The Portofino, though beautiful in exterior and interior design with the top on, the car looks just as luxurious with the hardtop convertible tucked away. According to Ferrari, this feature makes the car the most powerful convertible on the market.

Not only can you appreciate a beautiful car, you can thoroughly enjoy it on a long-distance trip. We have the opportunity to drive the Portofino from Orlando, Fla. down to Key West, which was an eight-hour drive and it was just as comfortable as an SUV.

There are subtle differences, as the car is lower, more powerful and causes heads to turn every time you pass by, but overall it is a great vehicle to travel in.

Also, to our surprise, the large V8 supercar is extremely well on gas. The known range is 18 to 22 mpg; however, we put that to the test and reached a further distance.


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Source: USA TODAY Action Sports