Crystal Head Vodka celebrates life through art with Aurora bottle

When thinking about vodka at its purest, does art come to mind? Most likely not. That will change once you experience the artistic nature of Crystal Head Vodka’s Aurora bottle.

Created by two powerhouse creatives – Oscar nominated Dan Aykroyd and globally-renowned artist John Alexander – there should be no surprise that the brand has produced another top-shelf spirit. Other than a love for vodka, Aykroyd and Alexander created Crystal Head Vodka to symbolize life, power and enlightenment through its ingredients and captivating bottle construct that mimics an Aurora Borealis.

Crystal Head Vodka Aurora Bottle

You can see this burst of life and celebration of the natural world through the iridescent, metallized skull-shaped bottle that the brand rightfully boasts about. This artistic phenomenon in the liquor-world will have you mesmerized even before taking the first sip.

Moving to what is inside the skull casing, of the two premium distilled bottles the brand offers, the Aurora bottle is wheat-based and was created to provide a drier, spiced and more upfront flavor than its predecessor – The Original.

The Canadian-based vodka has been distilled four different times and has gone through seven filtration regimens, three of which are passed through layers of Herkimer Diamonds. There are also zero additives, which provides a pure taste in every sip. To add an additional element, each of Crystal Head Vodka’s products are gluten-free.

You can find the captivating bottles nearly anywhere, as Crystal Head Vodka is now sold in over 70 countries. The Aurora bottle is priced at $59.99 and The Original is $49.99.

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Source: Chilled Magazine