Eat Me Guilt Free, a new type of treat for the food and wellness lovers

Eat Me Guilt Free was created to fill a void for creator Cristie Besu’s original customers. She worked closely with clients to craft nutrition programs, helping them with everything from disease management to improving labs, to just being able to move and feel better about themselves. Eat Me Guilt Free has worked hard to help consumers feel less restricted and more open to being able to enjoy the everyday foods they love, without sacrificing taste. Eat Me Guilt Free’s consumer base continues to consistently broaden – from athletes to bariatric patients to everyday consumers who are conscious about what they put into their bodies – for a range of reasons beyond external appearance.

Besu never sacrifices taste and texture when creating original recipes, hand-crafted by artisan bakers in small batches in order to ensure optimal freshness. In development for two years, Eat Me Guilt Free’s recently launched its new and improved formula has less sugar, is non-GMO and uses modified atmosphere packaging to exclude unnecessary preservatives. It features ingredients sourced in Europe, where regulations against food additives are more stringent than in the U.S. The new formula is packed with 14 grams of protein, and is low-carb, with under 200 calories per serving. While improving the quality of ingredients in its products, Eat Me Guilt Free remains focused on maintaining an unprecedented protein-packed and low-carb ratio. Eat Me Guilt Free fills a gap in the market for an alternative to sweets that people can feel good about putting into their bodies.

Eat Me Guilt Free has come a long way since its inception, with milestones such as reaching nearly $1 million in sales in year one to its debut into the mainstream market via The Vitamin Shoppe in February 2020. Eat Me Guilt Free began with a team of three people and now boasts a team of 30. Besu has since moved the company into a new office space boasting more than 20K square feet, and is already outgrowing this space. Besu is excited to be able to continue to create jobs in South Florida, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Besu is grateful for Eat Me Guilt Free’s growth which is what enabled her to launch the brand’s first huge give back initiative, the “You Glow Girl” grant to pay it forward to female entrepreneurs ready to live out their business dreams. Eat Me Guilt Free is an ever-evolving company that is passionate about community, culture and food.

You can find Eat Me Guilt Free products at, Amazon, The Vitamin Shoppe and GNC, Eat Me Guilt Free also offers an exclusive subscription.