Escape the cold and ride the heat wave with Dream Yacht Charter

As Winter is upon us and is coming with vengeance, it is time to escape and ride a heat wave on a trip with Dream Yacht Charter.

This fully immersive company may be the way to go in order to gain the luxury experience you and your crew have been searching for.


Each Charter experience includes two of these delightful yacht staffers and they ensure a quality excursion while setting sail at one of the myriads of destinations over nine regions. These luxurious regions include:

  1. Caribbean

  2. Bahamas

  3. Atlantic

  4. Scandinavia

  5. Mediterranean

  6. Indian Ocean

  7. Asia

  8. Pacific

  9. Americas

One of the noteworthy expeditions for an easy access trip from North America is the British Virgin Islands getaway. This popular cluster of islands are compiled of beautifully decorated sandy beaches with captivating water where both veteran and novice sailors can enjoy snorkeling and swimming each day.

After the sun has risen, the captain sails to a new anchoring spot to enjoy various parts of the Caribbean and only a handful of the 60-plus islands. Some of these hot spots include:

  1. The Caves

  2. Soggy Dollar Bar

  3. Anegada Setting Point

  4. The Baths

  5. Foxy’s Tamarind

  6. Benures Bay

  7. Willy T’s Boat Bar & Restaurant


The possibilities are limitless. If the Caribbean is the destination of choice passengers will notice Dream Yacht Charter

features 378 boats – 279 catamaran boats, 96 monohull ships and three power boats – dependent on sailing preferences. These types of boats allow numerous parties to stay in separate rooms spanning around the ship. Passengers can also use the proximity of the boat with a “by-the-cabin-charter,” as an opportunity to make new

friends, as there is plenty of time to socialize with folks from around the globe who may have booked the same yachting experience.

In addition to the delectable food options, sailors have the opportunity to layout in the shade of the boat, go to the bow of the yacht or even the upper deck to catch some rays and scout out for the majestic sea turtles swimming about.

Prior to setting sail or even after your boating trip, Dream Yacht Charter’s partner location Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina welcomes guests with a beautiful mountainside property showcasing lush greenery surrounding the modernized rooms and a swim-up bar so everyone can remain relaxed all while enjoying every bit of the vacation.


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Source: Millennium Magazine