Fashion, models, sports. Am I missing anything?

So, I’m new to New York City, right? I’m still experiencing the different cultures, backgrounds, games and the such, but am ready to grab life by the horns and ride that thing.

Who’s with me?

A part of this new journey was going to my first New York Mets baseball game. Whether you’re a Mets fan, Yankees fan, Phillies fan (family team – shout out to the Melady crew) it’s an experience that everyone should have. The lights shining, the crowds screaming and, of course, the fashion statements.

You’re probably thinking, “fashion at a baseball game? What game did you watch?”

Erin Heatherton

Erin Heatherton and sporting apparel company The Northwest.

The night started with a few of us going onto the field to watch Erin throw the first pitch of the game, which was an incredible experience. I’m no team logistics expert but the Mets really need to look into bringing her on the team. She threw phenomenally and looked good doing it with the team pride throw blanket wrapped around her, serving cape and comfort chic.

As the night went on, I was able to catch up with the stunning supermodel and take a deeper look into how she’s made the transition from lingerie runway to being a sports fashion aficionado.

“To be honest, I kind of just thought to myself with the incredible access and opportunity that I had being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, I spent a little extra time with certain kinds of people and I saw that if I work with a certain kind of company, I get access to perks, right? So, when I was with Victoria’s Secret, I got unlimited bras and panties, right? There’s a lot of access that I get.”

When I considered who I actually am and what I actually care about, I wanted to be with people that care about what I actually care about. Coming from a family that loves sports, I thought, what if instead of a fashion party, I get to go to sporting events where I have so much fun and love the people that I’m meeting? So I kind of thought about it and made that choice and then this happened.”

How did bras and panties transition into a sporting atmosphere though? She went on to tell me that she grew up in sports and played collegiate basketball, and has always been a proponent of the vibes and unity that fashion in sports can foster.

“Fashion is something that’s meant to help you express your identity. The way that you’re able to express yourself with your favorite team, especially here in New York City, people respond to that and there’s a powerful affect that you can have with fashion.

I’m into all the gear. We all carry backpacks, bags. I think it’s sporty, cute, sexy. It says something about you and people connect with you when they see that. It makes people think about their upbringings and just good memories, generally.”

Erin has been working with The Northwest brand for three years, flaunting game day colors and style, and living her best life.

If anyone has ever said that there isn’t fashion in sports, well, refer them to the former Victoria’s Secret Angel who makes sporting events look even better.

Source: USA TODAY Action Sports