Mad Bar & Lounge: A modern appreciation of Madison Avenue glamour

Welcome to the new age of Madison Avenue glamour. NH Collection New York Madison Avenue Hotel has opened the MAD Bar & Lounge, located in the lobby of the first NH Hotel Collection property in North America. A chic destination for locals, tourists, and stay-cationers alike, the 1960’s classic style of the MAD Bar & Lounge features meticulously curated décor intended to transport guests back to the “Golden Age of Advertising,” while its cocktail menu is a nod to the days of the three-martini lunch.

“MAD Bar & Lounge is the ultimate gathering place for anyone who appreciates the beauty of a sophisticated cocktail among analog pleasures such as a coffee table book, pen & paper and a top-shelf spirit (naturally),” says Carlos Ferraz, corporate Director of F&B NH Hotels Italy and NYC.

With its luxurious velvet bar stools and swinging ’60s sophistication, the MAD Bar & Lounge hearkens back to an era where happy hour meant dressing up. The space also features seating areas and sofas that invite guests to sink in for the perfect sip. In keeping with NH Collection’s Lobbies Alive concept—where the lobby becomes an interactive experience beyond just check-in—the bar is a vibrant and integral piece of the experience, just right for get togethers with friends, family, or colleagues and for people watching, catching up on work, or discovering a new book. Making friends with a stranger is encouraged! In addition to the bar, guests can enjoy a variety of lobby working spaces, cozy areas to relax around two fireplaces, and a sunken piano lounge with plush seating.

It’s also the perfect meeting place for a pre- or post-theater drink, as the bar is steps away from Times Square and the hotel is dedicated to supporting its neighboring Broadway community.

On the Menu

Mixology at the MAD Bar & Lounge is focused on traditional cocktail mixing combined with the taste of the present: The result is a menu of bespoke cocktails that were crafted using premium and super premium brands, and with today’s flavor profiles top-of-mind. And, since martinis and classic drinks are today’s cocktail of choice for New Yorkers, the MAD Bar & Lounge is ahead of the curve with creative spins on traditional pours such as:

  • The Mr. Anejo Manhattan is a take on the traditional Manhattan where the main beverage, whiskey, has been substituted by Anejo Tequila along with the added warm flavour of Licor 43.

  • A Ron Rum Negroni is made with Rum, Aperol and a dash of Creme de Cacao, giving it a distinctive flavor.

  • The Lavender 75 is an interpretation of the classic high-powered cocktail, but with lavender as the floral note instead of violet. It is topped off with a splash of Champagne for a sophisticated finish and served in flute.

  • Small bites at the MAD Bar & Lounge, such as burrata, charcuterie and gelato are provided by Serafina, which will open its full-service restaurant within NH Collection New York Madison Avenue Hotel in 2022.

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