Moments on top of Mount Olympus with Emirates Airline

If you want to be the best, you have to travel with the best. The greatest way to start is to do it with Emirates Airlines. The most opportune way is also to travel back in time to the historical city of Athens to face Mount Olympus.


First, the features of an Emirates flight are incomparable from the initial departure to the final descent. Emirates greets you with grade-A service from the highly trained cabin crew. Having mentioned being the best earlier, Emirates’ cabin crew are some of the most qualified in the business. Some of the requirements for being a cabin crew member include:

  1. Being 21 years old or older at the time of employment

  2. An arm reach of 212 cm

  3. Minimum height of approximately 5.3 feet

  4. High school education

  5. Fluency in English both written and verbal

  6. No visible tattoos while you’re in Emirates cabin crew uniform

  7. Can adapt to new people, new places and new situations

  8. Physically fit for this demanding role with a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI)

Speaking of being physically fit, to be a cabin crew member, you have to also be well-trained in safety procedures for emergency situations. Some of these training courses include hijack situations, sabotage, security checks, personal security and handling disruptive passengers.

All this to say: do not get on the bad side of these lovely cabin crew members, or you will find yourself in a big ol’ mess.

Once you are finished with the incredible three-course meals and cocktail selections (vegan options available), the place to land is the capital of Greece – Athens.

Here you will be able to enjoy epic scenery along the Mediterranean leading up to the Temple of Poseidon for those who enjoy shredding the gnar’ with water skiing or taking a deep-sea dive to explore the depths of this historical cluster of islands. To get to some of the most breathtaking areas, you can travel along the turquoise and blue Attica Riviera to Cape Sounion and stop off onto one of the welcoming beaches.

For those who want another type of adventure and a little higher up, you can travel to snowcapped mountains to experience the Parnassos Ski Centre. If you are a beginner, there is something for you including kids, beginners and intermediate lessons. If you are experienced and are ready to hit the slopes with your gear, go for it as there are options to hop off the ski lift and cruise.

The altitude of Parnassos is around 7,415 ft. and is recognized as one of the best ski sections in all of Greece. For those who want help navigating the mountain tops or have a group to be with during your ski session, you can look into hanging with the world-class team of Snowport.

Owners and talent of the esteemed Snowport group include Alpine skiing championship athletes, world-renowned coaches in both skiing and snowboarding and trusted board members of the Hellenic Ski Federation.

  1. Hiking around the Acropolis where the Parthenon, Acropolis Museum and Mars Hill are situated.

  2. Satisfy your dietary needs at restaurants such as, Sense Restaurant, which sits above Athens Luxury Hotel. This venue views spectacles of stars, Parthenon views and breathtaking 180-degree foreground of Athens.

  3. Oinoscent, Athens’ first exclusive wine bar where you can pair delightful food with your beverages and over 700 labels of wine from around the world.

  4. Strofi Terrace, which is a mid-war location serving authentic Greek cuisine and a variety of options for every diet out there.

  5. Moorings Restaurant, for those who enjoy dining on the water and relaxing with a classical cocktail in hand.

  6. Yoleni’s Greek Cooking Class can be enjoyed with your friends, bros, gal-pals or yourself. Here you can learn how to make classical Greek food from culinary professionals.

Although you will not want to leave the beautiful Greek islands, the best part about leaving is being able to jump back onto an Emirates flight. After playing the tourist game, you will find yourself lying fully reclined in your seat and perusing the myriad of options for on-board entertainment.

You can relax and still be on vacation with a cocktail in hand and prepare for what your fine-dining selections of poultry, beef, fish and vegan options will be. Since vacation is still in swing, you might as well pick a dessert (or two) before heading back to regular life or training.

The flight back to the United States, or wherever the next stop may be, will be just long enough to help you plan your next getaway with Emirates and to one of the many islands of the ancient country.

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Source: USA TODAY Action Sports