Orania.Berlin brings all-day breakfast to Kreuzberg

Orania.Berlin, the hip designer hotel in Berlin’s trendy Kreuzberg neighborhood that’s also home to some of the city’s best nightlife, has launched the new Orania.Breakfast Club, offering guests and locals alike the opportunity to enjoy breakfast daily from 6:30am to 2pm, whether they’re just waking up or still out on the town post-club.

The Orania.Breakfast Club menu offers such breakfast classics as scrambled eggs, Eggs Benedict, smoked salmon, muesli, pancakes, waffles, shakshuka and avocado toast, alongside more unexpected offerings like haleem (braised lamb neck with oatmeal and cinnamon), okonomiyaki (Japanese omelet with bonito flakes and bacon), miso dashi and tofu curry with braised sweet potatoes.

The drinks menu brings a variety of innovative coffees and other breakfast beverages, served both warm and cold, including Bulletproof Coffee with coconut oil and ghee, Golden Milk with soymilk, turmeric, honey, ginger and pepper, Strawberry Milk, Matcha Latte, Cold Brew Coffee with Condensed Milk Ice Cube and Frozen Hot Chocolate with Raspberries). For something a bit more adult, there is a selection of Champagnes, sparkling wines and creative cocktails, both alcoholic – Bellini, B&B (basil, bergamot cordial and soda) and Sherry Mary (pisco, sherry and tomato) – and non-alcoholic. And for those looking for a healthy boost, guests can select from an array of smoothies (including the Hulk, comprised of avocado, pineapple and dates), fresh juices (such as the Iron Man combo of beets, carrots, apples and celery) and "shots“ (ginger/lime, turmeric/orange and matcha/cucumber).

And on select Sundays, the Orania.Breakfast Club plays host to “Lazy Sunday” from 12:00 p.m. until 3:30 p.m., featuring a special eight-course meal from Orania.Berlin Managing Director and Executive Chef Philipp Vogel with beverage pairings by Breakfast Club Manager Isabell Espinoza, accompanied by live music from guest artists. Highlights of the extravagant menu include:

  • Gillardeau Oyster with Green Apple.

  • Cilantro and Chili; Duck Dashi Dumplings.

  • Tartar with Osetra Caviar.

  • Egg Yolk, Creme Fraiche and Potato Chips.

  • Lamb with Pita Bread, Sweet Potato, Bell Peppers and Yogurt.

For more about the Orania.Breakfast Club, visit Orania.Berlin/BreakfastClub.