Summer entertaining and Labor Day sale with Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits

Last-minute grocery runs, dietary restrictions, another place setting for that late-notice plus one; entertaining at home is filled with many twists and turns that can bring more stress than joy to the occasion. Thomas Ashbourne’s Craft Spirits rescues any hostess with the mostess with their all-natural ingredients, kosher, and ready-to-sip craft cocktails that suit the taste pallet of those sweet to stiff drinkers.

Thomas Ashbourne’s Craft Spirits pre-made portfolio includes four craft cocktails: The Perfect Cosmo, The Margalicious Margarita, The Old Fashioned, and The Hardscatto. This allows any host to entertain with ease.

Thomas Ashbourne Creative Director and globally renowned mixologist, Nico de Soto suggests a few simple ways to elevate the brand’s canned and bottled cocktails with just a few garnishes and the right glassware.

  • The Classic Old Fashioned – pour into a rock glass with a clear ice cube, and lemon and orange zest

  • The Margalicious Margarita – serve on the rocks with a lime wedge and an added option to infuse it with dry chipotle to make it spicy and smoky

  • The Perfect Cosmo by SJP – pour when very cold and add a garnish of orange zest to have it “the Carrie way”

  • The Hardscatto – chill and pour into a favorite stem or stemless wine glass

They say easier isn’t always better, but when it tastes as good as Thomas Ashbourne, entertaining just became a lot more enjoyable. Also, with Labor Day weekend right around the corner, do not forget to use the code “TACSDay” to get 10% off TACS through 9/9 exclusively on Thomas Ashbourne retails for $59.99/2 pack of cans (8 200mL cans) which equals 20 cocktails.