Turkey hosts fall “Culture Route” festivals in five cities

Turkey’s most comprehensive celebration of arts and culture has expanded to five cities across the country this year, taking place through October 23, 2022. These Culture Route Festivals will feature nearly 15,000 artists and more than 3,000 events, including art, cinema, literature, dance, music and much more.

Originally started in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul in 2021 as the Beyoğlu Culture Route Festival, the event was expanded earlier this year with the Ankara (Başkent) Culture Route Festival and will continue to grow this fall.

“We look forward to expanding our festival, which started with the Beyoğlu Culture Route last year, to wider audiences with much more inclusive and widespread activities in all five provinces,” said Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Turkey’s Minister of Culture and Tourism.

Having already begun in Çanakkale on September 16, the Troya Culture Route Festival will host more than 1,000 artists across 100 events through September 25, including exhibitions, concerts, workshops and much more. The 19th International Konya Mystical Music Festival will then take place from September 22-30, 2022, welcoming musicians from Turkey, Spain, Egypt, Azerbaijan and many other countries to perform as part of the 815th birthday celebration of Melvana Celaleddin Rumi, a historical Sufi mystic and poet. The festival will then move to Diyarbakır with the Sur Culture Route Festival taking place from October 8-16, 2022.

The cultural celebration will continue in Istanbul and Ankara with the Beyoğlu and Ankara Culture Route Festivals being held simultaneously from October 1-23, 2022. In Istanbul, the Beyoğlu Culture Route Festival will host more than 6,000 artists and 1,000 events at more than 46 different venues. The Ankara Ulus route, spanning 3.5 miles, will host more than 500 events with 5,000 artists at 70 different locations.

“With the Turkey Culture Route Festivals organized with the aim of showcasing the cultural heritage of our country to the world, we not only develop the cultural routes of our cities, but we also make culture and art accessible to everyone,” said Ersoy.