Unisex eyewear brand, AiiNAAK, launches with line of luxury Pince-nez glasses

AiiNAAK, the latest in innovative, contemporary eyewear has announced the launch of their inaugural collection of Pince-Nez styled glasses. Originally made popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, these spectacles are developed to clip directly on the bridge of the nose, without the support of traditional armpieces, resulting in a comfortable and innovative wear. Re-imagined for the modern world, AiiNAAK’s three silhouettes, each retailing for $490, are available with tinted non-prescription polarized and clear lenses that combine 100% UV protection and are anti-reflective to increase visual comfort.

AiiNAAK originated in 2019 as an experimentation when founder Daniel Samimi, a fashion veteran who worked in design and product development, began designing eyewear styles that he wanted to wear daily- including designs that were both fluid, essential, and gender-neutral. AiiNAAK’s line of contemporary, gender-neutral eyewear are a stylish tribute to the past, inspired by the Pince-Nez frame, a vintage style of glasses, made iconic by the late Teddy Roosevelt. One-part classic Roosevelt, one-part young urban creative, AiiNAAK creates modern & eye-catching eyewear that is bound to be a conversation starter.

AiiNAAK uses the Fits-U variety Pince-nez where the wearer pinches onto a pair of levers located above or in front of the bridge to open the plaquettes and release the levers to allow them to close onto the nose of the wearer. They clip comfortably on the bridge of your nose when you need to see near and will not cause headaches, unlike many glasses with temple arms.

Available direct-to-consumer, AiiNAAK has taken this once vintage style frame and reimagined it for the modern world, launching three contemporary and unisex styles that are available as eyeglasses or sunglasses in gold or black frame.

AIINAAK develops its handcrafted and hand-labeled frames in Los Angeles using premium materials.

To learn more about AiiNAAK, visit their website at www.AiiNAAK.com.